EducationThe education sector has redefined the way students learn with digital tools. Faced with limited IT staff schools need a way to utilize technology to engage and attract students. Four Winds will help your school:

Secure Mobile Devices 

The shift due to the influx of technologies has been rapid and massive. These technologies enhance the learning experience of students as well as benefit the teacher’s experience in teaching. Students and teachers are now able to access applications and websites that can help enhance their learning environment.

However, these innovations also pose new problems to education institutions. Have you thought about how you will secure your school’s network to protect confidential information both on and off campus? As your Managed Service Provider, Four Winds will strive to provide you exceptional IT services so that students and teachers can have the best learning environment they deserve.

Secure Network and Data

In an increasingly wireless world, Four Winds knows how crucial security is to every organization and individual. We strive to protect our client’s sensitive data and information from any unauthorized users.

We utilize WPA-2 Enterprise, highest standard in secure Wi-Fi to encrypt data traveling between devices and Wi-Fi access points for maximum security. In securing partnership with Four Winds, we ensure that all sensitive data are safe and secure. Learn more.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Hardware maintenance is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining the servers and networks that runs your institution. Securing it and keeping it functional is an important job. However, hardware maintenance can be quiet costly.

Thankfully, our team of well qualified engineers can work with you and your institution to develop an IT Roadmap tailored to reduce your institution’s hardware costs. From providing technical assistance to maintaining your computer systems and networks, Four Winds strives to provide you with a personal service experience, tailored to your own needs.

Provide Dependable Property-Wide Wi-Fi

Wireless Networking (WiFi) for larger areas, from classrooms to lunchrooms can be challenging. Fortunately, for our partners, Four Winds offers Wi-Fi that is accessible throughout one or more buildings, facilities, properties, or outdoor locations.

We specialize in offering easy to use, seamless roaming connectivity (Wi-Fi) utilizing our Four Winds’ technology. This way, students and teachers would not have to worry about loss connections while enjoying their day in the class.

See how Four Winds can help you by completing our short form and scheduling a network assessment today!