HealthcareImprove Your Practice Efficiency

As a healthcare professional, you are at constant crossroad between handling your patients and improving your business. If you want to see growth in your practice, you can’t get bogged down with complicated IT tasks.

Four Winds Network Services will help you develop the IT strategies you need to serve your customers well and to stay ahead of your competitors. We can help you streamline and automate processes, keep your equipment humming, and use your data in ways you’ve never imagined. This way, you can enjoy your day with your patients while being confident that your business keeps running.

Meet HIPAA Compliance

To avoid the risk of potentially leaking out personal health information, compliance with the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act is more important than ever. HIPPA acts as the standards for protecting patient’s classified data information.

Entities that deal with protected sensitive health information should provide security measures, have them in place, and follow them to ensure their compliance with HIPPA. As our client, Four Winds strives to provide exceptional service providing you a way to be in compliance with HIPPA.

Plan and Implement EMR/EHR

Nearly all practices have an immediate interest in improving their efficiency through the implementation of EMR or EHR. In fact, over 96% of hospitals and 75% of office based clinics in the US have utilized EMR/EHR.

With the implementation of EMH/ERH, Four Winds will work to minimize downtime, maximize efficiency and protect your patients data at all times.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Hardware maintenance is one of the crucial parts of maintaining the servers and networks that runs your business. Securing it is an important job. However, hardware maintenance can be quiet costly.

At Four Winds, we take pride in providing the kind of IT engineering Fortune 500 companies take for granted at prices that make sense for Tampa Bay’s small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Provide Dependable Property-Wide WI-FI

Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi) for larger areas, from classrooms to lunchrooms can be challenging. Fortunately, for our partners, Four Winds offers Wi-Fi that is accessible throughout one or more buildings, properties, or outdoor locations.

We specialize in offering easy to use, seamless roaming connectivity (Wi-Fi) utilizing our Four Winds’ Kepler technology. This way, students and teachers would not have to worry about loss connections while enjoying their day in the class.

Optimize Mobile Devices in Healthcare Environment

According to a 2018 mobile health survey by Physicians Practice, over 75% of their website readers have implemented mobile health as part of their practice. In other words, mobile devices is a revolutionary tool used to connect with staffs and patients.

At Four Winds, we can help you optimize the power of your mobile devices so that you won’t have to worry about connecting with your staffs and patients.

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