NonProfitWorking Within Limited Budgets

The real secret is that it doesn’t necessarily cost more to deliver an expert solution tailored to the unique needs of your nonprofit organization–when you have the right engineers planning and implementing your program.

Technology's impact on Nonprofit funding/support

Results from Microsoft Survey of 2200 individual donors, volunteers, or funding decision-makers.

Technology can play a large role in supporters and funding decision-makers willingness to invest in your nonprofit. At Four Winds we can work with your budget to formulate an IT strategy suited achieve success within your organization and help you better utilize your IT to take your organization to the next level.

Want to know where your organization stands when it comes to tech? Find out with our free Nonprofit Assessment worksheet!

Leveraging NonProfit Pricing on Software and Hardware

In need of a new software or hardware? You’re just in luck! Four Winds will support your needs as a nonprofit organization by providing you access to discounts on software and hardware from our supplier to help maximize your budget.

Network and Data Security

In an increasingly wireless world, Four Winds knows how crucial security is to every organization. We strive to protect our client’s sensitive data and information from any unauthorized users.

We utilize WPA-2 Enterprise, the highest standard in secure Wi-Fi to encrypt data traveling between devices and Wi-Fi access points for maximum security. In securing partnership with Four Winds, we ensure that all sensitive data are safe and secure. Learn more.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Natural disasters ranging from floods to hurricanes can be inevitable, especially if your organization’s locations are in Florida. Many institutions fail to realize the importance of a disaster recovery plan only to discover the horrific reality that these disasters presents.

Four Winds provides disaster recovery planning services that can ensure the continuity of your nonprofit organization. We offer specialized plans tailored for your organization to assist you through the unexpected.

Cloud Integration

Offering flexibility and innovation, cloud integration opens up new opportunities for nonprofit companies to connect contrasting data within the organization. This innovative practice have given organizations the benefit of having complete overview of their data.

Four Winds often recommends a hybrid model to clients. In other words, a combination of both in-house and cloud-based solutions. Going hybrid gives clients the best of both worlds. Having in-house server hardware can be suitable for organizations that do not want to rely on the Internet and who want to maintain control of their critical data and applications. At the same time, organizations can reap the benefits of a cloud solution, such as Microsoft 365 email, to allow users to connect from anywhere with a high degree of uptime.

The experts at Four Winds will work with you to help you make an informed decision. Find out more!

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