Basic Principles of Network Security

black and gray laptop computer turned on

To a large extent your approach to network security will be defined by your company’s security policy.

  • To keep unauthorized external users out you will need a firewall system. A properly configured firewall keeps the outside world out and the inside world in, but it allows for controlled exchange of data between these two
  • To keep unauthorized employees away from sensitive company information you will need a user access control system
  • If you have multiple locations and/or remote users you will need encrypted remote access or VPN capability
  • To keep your employees from inadvertently compromising your network security an “acceptable use of company computers” section should be part of your employee hand book

This is by no means a complete discussion on network security, but hopefully it provides some insight into how to protect your network against intrusion, internal threats and the careless, yet harmful practices of employees. Four Winds Network Engineers will work with you to customize your network security policy.