Remote Work Capabilities

Empower Your Team with Remote Capabilities

How could establishing a remote workforce help your business? More and more, companies are enabling their staff to work remote and adopting a flexible work schedule in order to realize the various benefits they can afford a business.

Benefits of offering remote work options to staff:

  • Maintain operations in any situation – Handy when you live in a state with an entire hurricane season
  • Employees enjoy a flexible work schedule – Resulting in less days off and increased productivity
  • Reduced cost and overhead – Less people in the office means less spending on amenities and rent
  • Access to a wider pool of job applicants – No geographic limitations to who you can hire
  • Modern workplace – Appeals to the next generation of employees who grew up on technology

Learn more about how to build your own remote workforce or let us help with…

Set up, Training, and Policy

Establishing a remote workforce doesn’t mean your entire staff needs to have an dual-screen command station at home. Certain jobs simply can’t be done remotely or might not warrant the resources, so it’s important to determine which employees need remote capabilities.

Our team of network engineers will work with your staff to determine what you’d like to get out of your remote team so they can build out your network to meet your specific needs. From there we can offer training on various remote tools and help you create a policy to manage your remote employees.

Tools to Succeed

When working in the office you don’t realize all the resources and tools you have at your finger tips. It’s only when you fire up your computer at home that you realize something as simple as knowing who from your team is out to lunch can be challenging. As a Microsoft certified partner we utilize Teams internally but can accommodate any of the popular meeting apps available today.

Four Winds will make sure your employees have access to the tools and critical applications they need. Whether it be collaboration tools that allow you team to communicate and share files in real time or easy access to a CRM database or accounting software crucial to department specific jobs, we’ve got you covered.

Hardened Network Security

Do you think the coffee shop down the street affords you the same type of protections as when you are working in the office? Remote employees typically lack certain resources, a corporate-grade firewall for instance, that would typically shield them from harmful emails and other attacks, which is why you need to take extra precautions to ensure they are protected.

Our engineers can fortify your network so remote employees can safely access private company data and ensure client information remains confidential. When a disaster strikes and you are relying on your remote network to keep your business afloat, the last thing you want to deal with is a data breach.

If you need help with your remote workforce give us a call at 941-315-2380 or fill out the form at the top of the page to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you!